Stop Dog Slaughtering for the purpose of meat

Despite a national law banning the practice, close to 500 000 dogs are slaughtered and eaten in the Philippines every year. Even though since 1998 it is illegal to consume this meat, the complete lack to enforce this law allows the markets and the restaurants to openly sell live dogs as well as dog meat.

The majority of Filipinos do not consume this meat, but its profitable commerce is growing, especially in the north of the Philippines in and around the region of Baguio City. Here the dogs are treated like vulgar objects. Crammed so tightly into wire cages they cannot move, struggling for every breath in the stifling heat with their mouths tied shut, dogs have their throats cut while still conscious.

Luckily you can make a difference. Canada, like many other nations, have an important commercial relationship with the Philippines. Our Philippines colleagues are putting diplomatic pressure on their government in order to have them act out against the dog meat industry. Act now by sending an email to the ambassador of the Philippines and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Please send an email to your local Philippines ambassador asking him/her to relay your concerns about the dog meat trade to the Philippines government. Feel free to use the sample letter below.

His Excellency
Ambassador Jose S. Brillantes
Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
130 Albert Street, Suite 606
Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5G4
phone: (613) 233-1121
fax: (613) 233-4165
e-mail: [email protected]

1. The slaughtering of dogs MUST be elliminated