To help search for a cure for multiple sclerosis

The National MS Society is committed to building a movement by and for people with MS that will move us closer to a world free of this disease.

To ignite this movement, we have established this network where members can communicate with one another and become aware of treatment driven research developments and other MS related fundraiser events.

Unfortunately, multiple sclerosis (MS) is not fully understood, which is why finding a cure has been so challenging. What is known is that it is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, and therefore symptoms can vary greatly from one patient to the next.

When a person has MS, he or she loses myelin in multiple areas. Myelin is the fatty tissue that covers nerves and basically acts as an insulator, allowing rapid nerve impulse conduction. The resulting scar tissue of the demyelination is called sclerosis. Sometimes the nerve fiber itself is damaged or broken due to inflammation. When myelin is destroyed or damaged, the nerves can't conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain as well. This breakdown is what produces the symptoms of MS. And this neurodegeneration is why MS is a progressive disease. Without medications to prolong the progression, MS symptoms can worsen at a shocking rate.

A cure for MS has yet to be found and patients with this devastating disease are left with only treatment options. The only treatments presently available are in the form of medications that either slow the progression of MS or ones that control the severity of the symptoms.

This cause is not only in existence to raise money but to continue to instill hope in those who are suffering and in those who have been affected by MS. I hope that this cause serves to encourage those individuals to stay strong and to give others the conviction to act to eradicate MS.

Take action. Join the movement.

1. MS stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn't.

2. Every hour, someone is newly diagnosed with MS.

3. More than 2.5 million people worldwide live with this unpredictable disease.

4. MS is the most common neurological disease leading to disability in young adults.

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