Just a Quick Message...

...If you didn't already know from the brownskinz music page -Mission Humanity raised over $1400 gross this past labor day weekend. Now we're planning on an charity event with Sarina Jain of Masala Bhangra Workout for October this year. And although there…Read More

Riverside Fundraiser

Hey everyone, Once again, I want to thank everyone who joined us in our last fundraiser at Taj. We were successful because of your support. For those of you who were not able to join us, we are having another event at Riverside Park on August 14, 2008. We…Read More

Benefit Bhangra/Mission Humanity Fundraiser At Taj Lounge this Thursday!

Hey everyone, So finally we got ourselves our first fundraiser event this Thursday for everyone who is currently in New York City - please come out and party for a cause. For those that don't already know - the venue is at Taj Lounge located at 48 West 21st…Read More

Benefit Bhangra/Mission Humanity - Bhangra for a Cause

Key Chains

We just got MH keychains... contact me and I'll get you one. Courtesy of Brownskinz Entertainment - their' sponsering MH alongside Benefit Bhangra for the first event on May 29th. Will keep you all informed. For those that want a keychain - throw me a text…Read More

88 members as of 4/17/08

Hey guys - great job on inviting your friends to join the Mission Humanity Cause - we have a total of 88 members of this cause now, but it doesn't stop here - let's keep inviting as many people as we can -- bring awareness to the people about giving to…Read More
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