Prohibit the possession, sale, and trade of shark fins

This is a great campaign to stop shark finning in Florida. A motivated high school student started this petition and is taking it all the way to state leadership! Please help stop the cruel practice of taking a shark's life for its fin. Five US states…Read More

PLEASE SIGN the Boston Marathon National Condolence Card

Although this is not related to animals, I felt like this was a wonderful petition and wanted to pass it on. Please take a moment to sign this to let all those who were affected by the Boston Marathon terrorist attack know that we support them.…Read More

Angel Acres Hay Fundraiser Drive Has Begun!

Every horse needs hay. Cause leader Jo Deibel at Angel Acres is saving horses from slaughter. She needs help to feed the rescued horses and has launched a fundraising campaign to support her work. Her organization relies on individual donations to care for…Read More

Outlaw Bear Baiting in South Carolina!

Hello Fight Animal Cruelty members, I saw this petition, was outraged and disgusted, and wanted to share it with you. Bear baiting puts a tethered bear, whose teeth and claws have been removed, against specially trained aggressive dogs -- a heinous and cruel…Read More

Help shut down Marineland in Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Rory, one of our FIght Animal Cruelty members, who shared this petition. As Rory said, this is a "very important petition to end the abuse of Marine Wildlife at Marineland." Please take a moment to read and sign this.…Read More

2012 - 2013 Blankets for the dogs update!

One of our Fight Animal Cruelty members, John, is helping to raise money to collect blankets for a pit-bull and rottweiler rescue. He said, “We are working hard to provide blankets to shelter dogs to keep them warm this winter. Won't you please help us out by…Read More

Tell USFWS to Protect African Lions Under the Endangered Species Act

Hello fellow animal lovers, The African Lion is in trouble and needs our help. I saw this great petition and wanted to share it with you. Lions have disappeared from over 80% of their historic range, and their population declined by nearly 50% from just…Read More
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