To support clamor for governance reforms across all Philippine institutions, especially government

There is a growing concern among many Filipinos in the Philippines and overseas about the ever increasing and continuing controversies and corruption scandals that have plagued our beloved country!

Ousting a President through People Power is no longer the solution. Change needs to come not just from the top but also from within the people, especially those that are privileged to serve in government. Most government institutions only serve the interests of the elite. As one UP professor has said: "government institutions become corrupted when they allow themselves to become the extensions of personal power... (and when) they draw their authority from the wisdom or whim of the ruler. (The ruler) not only had the final say, s/he could also intervene at any point in the decision-making process."

While clamor for political change has centered on the presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the movement for social change needs to look beyond her regime. This is not just about Ms Arroyo; this is about the whole Philippine political economy and social system that nurtured leaders like her. When there is government failure, it is the responsibility of the people - through social movements and the organized civil society structures - to pressure government for peaceful reform.

By joining this cause, we make it known to the Philippine government that we stand by the current desire and call for change and governance reforms. After all, the Filipino is still worth fighting for!

1. The authority of government emanates from the people.

2. When government institutions get corrupted, they fail to serve the interests of the people.

3. Civil society's role is to correct government failure and to bring forth leaders that will restore justice & accountability in public governance.