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Zero Carbon Project comes to the Kimberley

Monday, 30 April 2012
Lotteries House Broome
100% renewable energy for the price of two coffees per week

The Zero Carbon Australia Project is coming to the Kimberley! There will be a presentation about the Project in Broome on April 30 — an event not to be missed.

Drawing on a wide array of scientific research, the Project sets out a ten-year plan for Australia to be powered by 100% renewable energy at a cost of just $8 per household per week.

Martin Pritchard, Executive Director of Environs Kimberley is enthusiastic, saying,

“This is an exciting event. It will tell us about viable, large-scale alternatives to fossil-fuel dependence, which will allow for economic development based on sustainable sources of energy.”

The Zero Carbon Australia Project is a collaboration between Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne. The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan is the first of six ten-year plans for a ‘fully decarbonised’ future.
Beyond Zero Emissions has become well known for popularising a major alternative energy study undertaken by the University of Melbourne.

Many respected commentators have reviewed the University’s 2010 report. Amongst them are Ian Dunlop, Former Executive Director of the Australian Coal Association, and Sharon Mascher, Associate Professor of the Centre for Mining, Energy and Resources Law at the University of Western Australia.

According to Mr. Dunlop, Zero Carbon Australia 2020 provides “exactly the type of positive, rigorous technical analysis that is urgently needed to chart our path to a sustainable future – and convince Australia that there are far better alternatives to the complacent assumption that our high-carbon lifestyle can continue ad infinitum.”

Ms Mascher commented: “The Zero Carbon Australia 2020 plan demonstrates that it is both technically feasible and economically affordable for Australia to realise the benefit of these resources and transition to a 100% renewable energy future. “

Besides giving an overview of Australia’s clean energy options, speakers in Broome will explore the potential for renewables in the Kimberley in particular, including community solar projects.

Environs Kimberley and Regional Cleantech Solutions will host Pablo Brait, General Manager of Beyond Zero Emissions, to explore a clean energy future for Australia and Peter Hansford, Regional Cleantech Solutions, will talk about Kimberley options.

This event, to be held on April 30 from 7.00 pm at Lotteries House, Cable Beach West Road (next to BRAC), is open to the public.

A gold coin donation towards catering is requested.

Media contacts
Martin Pritchard, Executive Director, Environs Kimberley 0427 548 075
Peter Hansford, Regional Cleantech Solutions 0417 050 939

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