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WA government approves fracking despite overwhelming opposition in the Kimberley


Dear Friend of the Kimberley

Thanks so much for your support for the Kimberley so far!

There’s been a warm response to our post about the threat of fracking to the Kimberley recently. Thanks to people like Leigh who gave us $500, Paul $200, Sandy $50 and John who’s going to give us $20 a month, we can continue to make sure that the fracking story in the Kimberley makes the headlines and spread the word that it’s time to take action.

To be as effective as possible though, we need a lot more support. Buru Energy has spent $270 million in the past few year. As a regional group supporting the community to protect our vital assets like clean water and air, we depend on our members and supporters to be successful.

Please donate if you haven’t already, its tax deductible and a great way to help protect the Kimberley - see bank details at bottom of this post.

Bad news – government approves fracking without an environmental assessment

Since our last update we’ve had the news that the WA Minister for the Environment dismissed our appeal against the EPA’s decision not to assess the Buru Energy fracking proposal. As expected the Department of Mines and Petroleum has rubberstamped the proposal as well.

Overwhelming majority oppose fracking in the Kimberley

We know that most people are opposed to fracking in the Kimberley, 66% against, according to a recent secret study by the Department of Mines and Petroleum.
It’s not time to sit back, now’s the time for action

The WA government has refused to protect our drinking water from fracking. It’s now up to us to stand up and make sure future generations don’t have to live with polluted water.

If you’ve already donated to Environs Kimberley there’s a few other things you can do:

1. Print out the petition (email [email protected] for the link) and ask your friends to sign it

2. Sign the postcard to stop fracking the Kimberley from Environs Kimberley and get others to sign, you can email [email protected]

3. Start spreading the word about fracking – get a copy of the new flyer by Environs Kimberley

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