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Shale Gas Fracking across the Kimberley?


Did you see the ABC’s 730 Report this week about plans for fracking in the Kimberley? If you missed it, have a look on the ABC website for the video.

What we are facing is an all-out offensive by giant multi-national corporations Mitsubishi, ConocoPhillips and Petrochina to carry out widespread fracking in shale gasfields across the Kimberley, one of the largest, most intact natural areas on earth.

We at Environs Kimberley have challenged the decision by Western Australia’s environmental watchdog, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), not even to assess the State’s biggest fracking proposal to date — because it is ‘only’ for exploration,.

EK is calling on the WA Environment Minister Albert Jacob to require the EPA to assess this proposal and declare a moratorium on fracking until it can be proven beyond doubt to be safe.

We need your help – 10 minutes of your time

State Government Ministers take a lot of persuading. We need to make sure Minister Jacob hears the voices of the people on this one. We know that writing personal letters and sending them through the post is the most effective way of getting a message through. If you can’t do snail mail, then a personal email will do.

Please send the WA Minister for the Environment a letter outlining your concerns about fracking. Here’s what you might include in a letter:

• A little bit about you – are you a teacher, nurse, tradie, doctor, stay-at-home Dad or Mum?
•Your concerns about fracking – polluting our water, air and land; destroying habitat
•You want the Minister to direct the EPA to assess Buru Energy’s fracking proposal in the Kimberley
• You want a moratorium on fracking in WA until it can be proven to be safe beyond doubt

Here are the Minister’s contact details:

Hon Albert Jacob
Minister for Environment; Heritage
Address: 12th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street

e-Mail: [email protected]

Make sure you include your name and address. If you’ve been to the Kimberley or live here then please include a photo to personalise your message even more. Please send us a copy of your letter and any replies.

If you don’t have the time you can still help

Many people are super busy these days juggling family, work and social commitments. If you don’t have the time to write a letter but you want to contribute then please consider becoming a monthly donor to Environs Kimberley through E-Give or just put it straight into our account below. All donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for helping protect the Kimberley!

Martin and the EK team

Environs Kimberley Bank Account details:

Commonwealth Broome BSB 066505; Account Number: 10114387;
Account: Environs Kimberley Giftfund

Make sure you send us an email to [email protected] with your postal address so we can send you a tax deductible receipt! Thank you!

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