The Kimberley is a global treasure precious beyond our knowledge - please help preserve the Kimberley's beautiful & ecologically valuable environment and its culture, for future generations

The Kimberley is one of the few places on earth that hasn't been heavily impacted by humans. It has been compared to the polar wilderness of Antartica, the boreal forests of Canada and Alaska and the Amazon rainforests. It has been looked after by Traditional Owners since the beginning of time. With so few special places on the planet like the Kimberley we believe there is a responsibility to look after it for its own sake, for future generations and for us who are living now.

1. The Kimberley's unique and majestic environment is worth protecting

2. There are alternatives, we don’t have to sacrifice the Kimberley to develop the Browse Basin

3. Traditional Law Keeper & Custodian Joe Roe has asked the wider community to help save the culture of the site of the proposed gas hub at Walmadany

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