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What can you and I do?

Due to the proposed budget cuts, we are facing a major depleation of our arts programs not only at Mission, but throughout all of California's public schools. It may seem as though there is nothing you or I can do. But i assure you we can have a great affect on the outcome of this situation if we all get invloved. I urge you to write a well informed, well phrased letter to either the school district, our local CA rep Senator Ellen Corbett, local CA rep Assembly Member Alberto Torrico, or Governor Schwarzenegger. If you write the letter and can get it to me, I would be more than happy to send it on, or I can give you all the contacts for the above people.

If you outraged or angered by these cuts in any way I urge you to take a stand. We are the future and we deserve a well rounded, well FUNDED education.

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