Upcoming YLI programs for 2012

The "LEADERS" program will be again hosted in Washington, DC The "GoGlobal" program will be a cultural experience from LA to Seattle. Time period looks to be two weeks for each program More info in the next couple of weeks!

The 2012 programs....

Okay, we've decided to make the "LEADERS" program a two module program... so if you want to attend only one, or can only afford it (money/time) then you can do so... if you want/can do both you'll be able to do that! Now, on to the "GoGlobal" program......

YLI needs YOU to help promote awareness!

Although Youth Leaders International has been provided world class programs for teens since 1997 it has always done so in a way that has made the experiences about the youth - not the organzation. Now, years later, it is in need of assistance by those that…Read More

YLI needs only a small donation to continue its work.....

To you, a supporter of the youth, We know that in this tough economic time, the demand for vital nonprofit services is greater than ever, and it's people like you who keep our program going. And on behalf of Youth Leaders everywhere: thank you. Thank you…Read More

2011 YLI Global Leaders Program

Dear Supporter: Youth Leaders International (YLI) needs YOU to help promote this years program! It will be held this coming July 23-30 at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. The cost per participant is $1475 and includes transportation,…Read More
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