Please help and support this SIMPLE WORLD PEACE SOLUTION!

Are you feeling the pain of the global economic crisis?

Most of us are. -- In the shops, at the fuel pumps, at the money distributor. All over the world, the poorest among us are struggling to survive, struggling to provide food, or wondering when they will eat again.

We all, to different degrees, share in and are affected by this uncertain economic situation.

Just as we are all affected by the situation, we can all change it. Do you want to do something about it? You and I can change the world; make it a better place for you and all our children. Globalization makes our task all the more easy.

The children are our future. Their hope is in your hands. What happens to children in their first period of their lives is essential in their development (intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and morally), and thus the development of our society and the world.

Are you shocked when you see the news? I am.

"Children being Killed while going to school. Wars in many Regions of our Planet! The Financial Crisis that is destroying millions of honest Families! For Political Reasons!?!"

World Peace is possible with our FUTURO World Peace Plan.
This eSign Petition is presented to you by the Prince of Peace.

How can there be a SIMPLE SOLUTION for WORLD PEACE and YOU are ONLY JUST hearing about it?

The answer is simple just like the Plan itself. It only needs a few SIGNATURES from World Leaders and Financial Institutions, and NOW is the TIME to make a difference.

Now, please let me introduce myself as a concerned citizen who is making a change to the instability of our Planet. As the “Prince of Peace”, I am a man with a vision for a better world and a better life for all. I truly believe that there is a solution available that is much simpler and easier than you may think, to achieve WORLD PEACE.

It is my goal to change this situation. I have created and organized a worldwide financial and commercial system! A Monetary Solution, that will make the

Rich - richer & the Poor also Rich!

Ask yourself what the real reasons for today's problems are? Poverty, misery, hopelessness on one side, with arrogance, selfishness and greed on the other.

The FUTURO-Plan has no political or religious orientations. It is not financed by any organization, church or similar. It is a pure concept by people like you and me. It is a WORLD PEACE SOLUTION created for making our Planet Earth a Better Place.

If you consider doing a little more and financially supporting the FUTURO-Plan. Make a Donation to the value of your choice go to http://imakepeace.com. It sure will help me to implement further resources to spread the word!

The FUTURO-Plan allows EACH NEWBORN CHILD that comes into this world to benefit from interest generated by ALREADY EXISTING government backed GUARANTEES! Our economic value for each country is based on a given country's ‘gross domestic product (or GDP)'. These values are determined by production, exports, etc.

Now imagine a scenario where the ACTUAL CHILDREN, the only TRUE FUTURE for a Nation, become its principal financial asset? Could it be done?

The answer is YES! Come listen to our Daily update before we go to the Parliament of Religions Convention in Melbourne.

Regardless of the ‘GDP’ value of any Nation, The FUTURO-Plan provides a SOLID and SIMPLE Mathematical Formula for a WORLD PEACE SOLUTION by creating a 30 YEAR Plan in which FAMILIES and CHILDREN receive EVERYTHING NEEDED to ensure Education, Recreation, Food, Actual Spending Money, Medical Care and More!

The FUTURO-Plan actually encourages smaller and community banking institutions to hold the Government Guarantees that pay out interest to families in the local community.

The funds that a Family will receive will also be spent back into the community, boosting local business. The FUTURO-Plan Does Not require money be ‘spent’ by a government or institution to pave the way.