Leading Individuals and groups to the giver of true rest.

Leading Individuals and groups to the giver of true rest. Inspired by Jesus' words in Matthew 11:29, "take my yoke upon you and lean from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

The 11:29 Project exists to be an encouragement to individuals in life, pointing them to Jesus, the giver of life that is abundant and full.

This is carried out through:
1. individual relationships
2. small groups
3. speaking engagements
4. on going networking with others that are like-minded

The geographical areas of focus are:
1. San Diego City and County
2. The San Francisco Bay area
3. The Denver Metropolitan area
4. Washington D.C.
5. The uttermost parts of the earth

Special areas of interest and desired service:
1. Members of city government
2. The professional ministry community
3. The issues of human trafficking and sex slavery
4. The development of missionally minded/Kingdom focused people
5. College student mentoring and discipleship

About Cari Jenkins, founder of The 11:29 Project

I had spent over fifteen years serving in student ministry in various capacities. I absolutely loved every second of it! It was such a joy and honor to walk alongside of students and often their families on their individual spiritual journeys. In 2005 I became very restless. I wondered about the lifestyle I was leading and how it was reflecting Jesus to those around me. I wondered if constant business truly meant lots of discipleship and ministry. I took some time and connected with people who reminded me of what it means to connect others with the true rest in life, rhythm and soul found in Jesus. As I thought through these ideas I began to see how God was developing in me a love for not only students, but for people. And a love and longing to help people connect with that true life giving, life freeing rest.

Doors began to open around me. I was meeting with several women. I was being asked to speak for various retreats and events. I was writing, hosting small groups and had developed a heart for and sensed a calling to the city of San Diego. It has been in this environment that I am seeing people connect with Jesus, grow in their own understanding of who He is and have been able to see how God has placed me here, in San Diego, to bring His rest to individuals in this city.

It has been amazing to see all that God has been about since I began to serve in such a way and I am very excited for what is ahead! I have a great and growing team who, alongside of me get to experience the wonder of serving the city together!

1. Fund the work of The 11:29 Project

2. Support the work in prayer.

3. Be an encouragement to those involved in the work.