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Time running out to give in 2011


I wanted to let you know that you have a special opportunity to have a gift to Friends of the Earth matched.  Give today and a long-time, dedicated member of Friends of the Earth will match your contribution dollar-for-dollar.  We’ve already had a tremendous response to this campaign, so give now before matching funds run out ( 

By giving today and becoming a member of Friends of the Earth, you’ll become part of an organization that cares deeply about the fate of our planet and all the people and wildlife who call it home. But being part of Friends of the Earth doesn’t end there.  

It also means you are part of an organization that believes that the movement to restore, preserve and protect the planet and the fight for justice are part of the same struggle. 

It means you stand in solidarity -- at home and abroad -- with communities suffering the impacts of pollution, whose livelihoods are threatened by environmental degradation.

It means you don’t just scratch at the surface of environmental problems -- you tackle the root causes in order to achieve long-term, progressive solutions. 

And it means you help to restore our environment and put people -- instead of corporate profits -- back at the center of our economy and our democracy.

Please join us today. (

Happy new year!


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