Trail Clearing Projects During the Annual Meeting & National Trails Day - Volunteers Needed!

Every year it’s always a huge task to get the trail cleared of fallen trees from the winter storms. This year we’re going to host two trail clearing weekends. One will be during the Annual Meeting (the second one will be during National Trails Day weekend on…Read More

Over 100 Members!

Wow! 102 Members! The group has been growing fast, and I am certainly glad for it! Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging others to join. I am hoping to use this forum to promote volunteer opportunities and contributing to the association. Currently,…Read More

2008 Trail Maintenance Work Projects - From SHTA Website

We have lots of maintenance project to complete in 2008! Ken Oelkers is continuing as our long-time Trail Maintenance Supervisor on the North Shore section of the trail with the capable assistance of Han Taylor. Ken has several projects planned for May and…Read More
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