Back to Save Ft. Monmouth, NJ!!!!

Thank you for fighting the good fight!

To all, I hope you have had a safe and peaceful (and fun!) summer. As you know, the Fort is slated to close, but that doesn't mean we still can't stop it from happening. Please continue to invite your friends and family to join our cause and Save Ft. Monmouth, NJ!!!! With the upcoming gubernatorial election in NJ, I will update you on how the candidates for governor (current Governor Jon Corzine, Democrat; candidate Chris Christie, Republican; candidate Ken Kaplan, Libertarian; candidate Greg Pason, Socialist; candidate Chris Daggett; Independent) stand on this issue and who will support us in fighting to keep Ft. Monmouth functional and operating as a key tool in the War on Terror.
Thanks again, and please keep up the tremendous support!


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