Andrea's Voice is now on Myspace!

For those of you who have myspace, I hope you will join the cause on there and invite others to do the same! There are definitely a lot of my friends who are on myspace and not this is a great opportunity to help this cause grow! Thank you all…Read More

RIP Polly Williams

Hello everyone-- It is with great sadness that I pass on the news that Polly Williams passed away on Friday, February 8th 2008 due to complications from her eating disorder. Most people in the ED community know of Polly through her participation in the HBO…Read More

Update on the Smeltzers

Hello some of you may know, Doris and Tom Smeltzer have been dealing with a critical situation the past few months. On July 1st, Doris' other daughter, Jocelyn, was admitted to an emergency room where her condition quickly deteriorated from being a…Read More


Congrats all helped raise 29 dollars to go to the Andrea's Voice foundation! I included those who joined September 7th as well. I tried donating tonight but i think the donate site is down (it kept saying i had an invalid card number when I…Read More

Birthday Recruitment

Hey all! I just want to thank you all again for joining this group and helping with my goal to donate...we've had 22 members join since I came up with the idea to donate on my birthday...and there's still time (well, today)!. Thanks again for supporting this…Read More


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