We need to find ways to educate mothers about the seriousness of drinking while pregnant, and help them find solutions to stop drinking for the safety of their children and their futures.

There needs to be more information and seminars and ways to communicate with pregnant mothers on the importance of not drinking alcohol while pregnant. We need to educate younger people before they become pregnant as to the dangers caused to a unborn baby and what the long term effects are of a child born with Fetal alcohol syndrome or spectrum disorder. I believe this issue is a important one and there have been many things said about not drinking while pregnant but its obviously not getting through to some people. This is it! Lets put a end to Fetal alcohol syndrome and Fetal alcohol effects. This disability is 100% preventable!Also if you have a interest in adoption of a child with special needs be it FAS/FASD or anything else open up your heart and home and love to these children. They have feelings and need a stable and loving home. Im tired of seeing people just pass up their children and see them be bounced from foster home to foster home, or never get adopted.

1. This is a vicious cycle lets put an end to it. Give your child a healthy start to life~!

2. This is a disability that can be prevented 100%

3. Drinking and doing drugs while pregnant is unacceptable.Please stop as soon as you can. If you need help contact your local substance abuse center.