Reduce consumption of bottled water as a means of eliminating bottles as a serious source of voluminous waste.

I think bottled water is the best sham the pop companies have ever come up with. Of course everyone is trying to get in on it, but it's the big guys that are cleaning up by selling you what is usually treated (or not!) tap water.


Depending on which statistics you observe (check the net, there are lots), plastic bottles account for, say, 30% of landfill volume, whereas they constitute only about 3% of the weight. That makes them an astonishingly efficient means of filling up our landfills (formerly arable land) with trash. And ask anyone who has been to the 'uninhabited side' of their favourite tropical island and guarantied you they will have found some plastic water bottles washed up. They're everywhere and they bio-degrade slower than Keith Richards.

In Canada, we are lucky to have excellent water treatment (waste treatment is another story). We actually get potable, good water from the tap in most cities are areas. Think about how lucky we are to be able to shower with and flush our toilets with crystal clear drinkable water.

Of course there have been problems with tap water in some places. But hard lessons learned mean safer standards, as in medicine and aviation.
[Note that some problems arose from privatized water concerns. This a whole other area where we should be concerted. Privatization of water is almost as crazy as privatized air.}

One thing is certain: water is essential, and we have no idea how precious it is. It could possibly be the stuff we fight over someday. I am not an ecoligist, hydrological engineer, or lobbyist. Please feel free to add to this discussion, but keep it civil and factual.

PS: Water bottled in and shipped from the south pacific? Think about how inefficient and ridiculous that is. Any friends that think you're cooler for drinking it need the lobotomy reversed.

1. Bottled water is often not appreciably cleaner than tap water. It might even be worse.

2. Enforce standards for clean tap water and water conservation.

3. Bottles are the worst form of landfill polution going right now and their production is increasingly globally.