reduce or eliminate how many times you from places that buy their meat from factory farms

The factory farms that the majority of fast food chains use to get their meat are atrocities. Places where illegal immigrants are screamed and sworn at, severely injured daily because the safety videos provided by the farms are in english and the assembly lines are too fast, and they are sexually harassed by those in higher positions then themselves. Animals are pent up in places they can barely turn around in or behave normally in and are forced to live in their own feces and then are killed in an inhumane assembly line. They are also fed hormones that deform some of their body parts so they can't move properly, so they lead no normal, happy life before their deaths. And of course all of this poses huge health risks to the public that are buying and consuming meat that is essentially loaded with unnatural hormones and animal feces.

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1. Animals are treated completely inhumanley

2. Immigrants aren't treated like human beings

3. Many health issues arrise from the way farm factories are run