Respond rapidly with medical and other immediate aid to victims of man-made and natural disasters world-wide

From the jungles of Central America to the mountains of Kosovo, from tsunami ravaged Thailand and Sri Lanka to the interior of Afghanistan… RESCUE TASK FORCE is a global 9-1-1- VOLUNTEER organization providing help to those wanting to help themselves. RESCUE TASK FORCE is a non-profit (501 (C)(3) corporation founded in 1988 to provide volunteer medical teams, medical supplies and clinics, humanitarian aid and livestock to remote, isolated regions of the globe. Working primarily in hazardous, and often in conflictive, zones the organization has delivered over fifty medical teams to the Central America countries of Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador and has fifteen literacy learning centers for women in Central Afghanistan.

The areas serviced by RESCUE TASK FORCE are often very remote and require days of travel by bush plane, dug-out canoe, mule and horseback and hiking to reach isolated villages. Volunteers pay their own trip expenses, carry in all supplies, their personal support equipment and food for the duration of a given mission.

Funding for RESCUE TASK FORCE projects, such as medical clinics, water wells, live stock and ‘self help’ projects comes from donations solicited by speaking engagements and direct mail appeal letters to donors.
RESCUE TASK FORCE’s wonderful volunteers and supporters have delivered over $48 million worth of medical supplies, food clothing, household supplies and disaster relief materials donated by manufacturers to hurting people in the United States and around the globe. RESCUE TASK FORCE’s overhead costs are less than 3.5%.

Charity Navigator has Rated RTF as a "4 Star Charity" the highest ranking given by the organization (CharityNavigator.org).

We are committed to remaining transparent, low overhead, and informative so to insure that the maximum amount of aid and training reaches those in need.

1. BUILDING BACK PACKS FOR SEVERELY WOUNDED U.S. MILITARY Happy Hearts for Hurting Heroes supports our Armed Services Members with ongoing projects

2. RTF operates 15 literacy centers for women in Afghanistan: Bringing the gift of basic literacy to an entire society.

3. 9-1-1 responder to global man-made and natural disasters – usually responding within hours of a disaster striking.

4. Clean Water Filter Project For Honduras Jungle Villages. Individual family water filters for Miskito Indian jungle villages in Honduras.

5. Establishes/maintains Medical Clinics & medical support projects: Delivering medical teams to remote places