End the brutal slaughter of over 300,000 seals a year in Canada.

Canada's annual seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. In 2006 the Canadian government allowed fishermen to club and shoot at least 354,344 seals in the North Atlantic, almost all of them babies as young as 12 days, just to earn a few extra bucks by selling seal skins. In fact 98 percent of the seals killed were three months of age or younger, and veterinary reports indicate that many seals have been skinned while still conscious and able to feel pain. The HSUS's ProtectSeals team was on the ice at this year's hunt to document the unspeakable violence that takes place far from the eyes of the world. Our stories and video footage has helped expose the cruelty of the hunt to the international community and put in motion national bans on the import of seal skins. As an individual, you can help protect seals by joining our Canadian seafood boycott. You will be in good company => Hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of restaurants, stores, and other companies have already signed our Canadian seafood pledge.

1. End the seal hunt.