Donate $10 to causes and recieve a movie ticket

Donate $10 to Americans for UNFPA by May 15 and recieve a movie ticket for Mrs. Goundo's Daughter in NYC on May 17. Mrs. Goundo's Daughter is the story of a young mother's quest to keep her baby daughter healthy and whole. It is also the story of the African…Read More

Action Alert: We need your Vote for Contraception‏

*************************************************** We need your vote on Ideas for Change 2010!         *************************************************** ( have…Read More

Lobby for Women this March

**************************************************** We need your voice in the halls of Congress!         **************************************************** Did you know:  The U.S. is the only country that provides support to UNFPA with restrictions that…Read More

Should all women have access to contraception?

Give women access: 215 million women want but can’t get contraception. Empower these women!   When women can plan their families they can better participate in society. Too many women want to use safe and effective family planning methods, but are unable to…Read More

Emergency in Haiti: Help women affected by the earthquake

****************** HELP HAITIAN WOMEN ****************** In addition to needing food, water, shelter and medical care, women have particular needs that must be addressed during disaster and post-conflict situations. These include emergency obstetric care,…Read More


hey all, i recently added a group called AFRICA VERITE about a trip to Ghana next year. check it out by visiting my profile... Lisa
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