Fellow tapir supporters. It has come to my attention that causes are now able to be added to MySpace pages. I do not have a page, and I do not intend on having one in the future, so I am requesting that someone lend their MySpace to the cause of the tapirs. I…Read More

Invite your friends

I hope you all realize that the tapirs' situation is worsening every passing day. If you understand this as fully as I do, I'm sure that you'd all invite all of your friends, so I'm going to attempt to illustrate it for you. Every day thousands of humans are…Read More

New Beneficiary

Save the Tapirs is now donating to a new beneficiary; the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), mainly the Bronx Zoo. I have done this because I think that it will help the tapirs more than the previous beneficiary did. If you feel like donating money to…Read More

Tapir Cloning

The tapir cloning that took place one July 8th was successful, and ultrasound pictures of the fetus show that it is healthy. This tapir fetus (currently nameless) is a pioneer in the field of cloning, and if the birth is successful as well as the cloning,…Read More
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