Stop the media from feeding us lies!

In the United States in particular, most of the mainstream media, including the radio, newspapers, television, and magazines, are feeding us with lies and biased information to benefit big business and the government. The U.S. government has mainstream media mostly under its control and uses it as a sort of propoganda to conform and produce consent and agreement among the American public. Using this to sway and control our thought on important issues which might otherwise produce a number of dissenting oppinions has greatly threatened and in my opinion destroyed what was once a democracy. This process is similiar to the use of force in an authoritarian government such as Russia under Stalin. The only difference is Stalin killed people who dissented among the public, our government just controls our thought through the propogandized media. So stop watching it, stop believing it, and think.

1. This poses a direct threat to real democracy.

2. This is a way to tame and conform the public and keep the corrupt liars in power.

3. Mainstream media lies.