Instill in young men and women that the greatest gift that could be given is that of your pure heart

Through this group we hope to support one another in the mission of saving ourselves until marriage. This may seem like an easy task at first, but then we find ourselves in the middle of a society that is caught up in exploiting men and women and sending the message to young people that sex sells. We need to remember that God alone has created a special man or women specifically for us. We should respect that person, ourselves, and God by remaining abstinent until we meet that breath-taking image of God's heart for us. We need to remember how sacred our souls and pure hearts are and not get caught up in what seems to be the growing fad in society. We should come together and support one another in staying true to our spouse and to God. After all, true love waits!

1. Giving of your pure, clean heart is the greatest gift that can be given.