A charity pour into the lives of impoverished Haitian women and children

The Carma Foundation is a non-profit organization classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The mission of Carma is to measurably improve the health of poor and vulnerable women and children in Haiti. Carma effectively utilizes media and pop culture to create a platform of awareness, dialogue, and then action. Carma, an urban spin on karma, embodies the belief of cause and effect behavior or practices to affect the lives of others. It is with this belief that Carma mobilizes others to not only care, but to become involved. Since its inception in 2007, Carma has already impacted the lives of tens of thousands of Haitian women and children and plans to extend its reach to the millions of Haitian citizens.

Haiti leads the western hemisphere with the highest poverty level amongst any of its hemisphere’s neighbors. The Carma Foundation has chosen to spearhead several small projects addressing the needs of education, skill development and job creation of women and children in Haiti. In addition, the future goals of Carma are to reform Haiti’s infrastructural needs in the areas of reproductive health, proper nourishment, health care, and STDs.

Melky Jean, Carma’s founder, was once disconnected from the social-ills of her native country, Haiti. Like so many other descendents of the Haitian diaspora, she was not intouch with the reality of life, faced by the over 8 million citizens whom statistics report survive off of an estimated $1 a day. After her move to Miami in 2007, and viewing the local news report showing footage of Haitians on board a boat leaping into the ocean attempting to swim ashore for what they perceived to be a better life in the United States, Melky with the inspiration of her brother Wyclef Jean was moved to do something. “Carma is the female response to her brother Wyclef’s Yele Foundation…” exclaimed His Excellency Raymond Joseph, the Haitian Ambassador to Washington, DC.

1. To raise awareness of the lives of over 8 million Haitians

2. To create dialogue in mainstream media and amongst others

3. To compell people to act