Help inform young women of the importance to know and take care of their bodies.

A close friend of ours recently found out she has cervical cancer, not the most common kind tha has been receiving attention, but Neuroendocrine small-cell cancer of the cervix. This is a cancer not detected by Pap Tests and doctors and researchers do not know where it comes from. In fact, patients have been told it's "just bad luck".

This is not a good enough explanation for a life-threatening disease that our strong friend, Lindsey Jo, just beginning to battle.

Our goal is to raise money in her name and donate it to her, a woman who is journalizing her every minute in hopes to help educate others and push for more explanations for everyone.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 11,150 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer this year and as many as 3,670 of these women will die from the disease (ACS Cancer Facts & Figures, 2007).

1. Cervical Cancer needs to be researched.

2. Healthy women who take care of themselves and are fighting for their lives due to lack of detection is not adequate with todays mediacl advances.

3. Cervical Cancer must be taken seriously right now.