Bring back the Rave/All Night Dance Parites and underground music scene

For all those people who love those heart pumping, bass thumping, and energy driven all night dance parties known as Raves. Lets promote the resurrection of these 12 hours wild parties complete with glowsticks galore, shiny creative and crazy outfits, insane light toys, and the infamous dancing until the sunrises. So take the lead and rise to the cause of bringing back the Rave!!!

1. Raves are a universal form of fun and enjoyment for all people, "candy-kid" or not.

2. Hours of dancing to trance, house, techno, drum and bass, acid jazz, trip hop, and other "rave" music isn't wrong or immoral.

3. The rave community should not have to pay for the wrong actions of individual attendee's, people are only human, sometimes they get out of hand.

4. Raves are about music and long hours of dancing not about drugs.

5. Raves must be a part of mankinds future as part of the future generations fun and enjoyment activities.

6. Raves help to support the electronic music community in their cause to bring new forms of musical style to the music industry and the world.

7. And as always promoting PLUR!