Over 120 members!!

Wow! We have certainly reached a landmark with this cause!! Good job to everyone who recruited. I just really want to stress how important it is that everyone add the InvisibleChildren APPLICATION. Here is the kicker: The application is not this cause. You…Read More


The Schools4Schools club is up and running at Ballard! The next step is to add the Invisible Children APPLICATION. This is huge. Once you do, click on track your school or find your school. Type in Ballard High School. If we get enough people in the…Read More

The Schools4Schools site

Right now the Schools4Schools sites are down for work. Starting September 8th Schools4Schools will be re-launched and we will have only 100 days to raise as much money as possible for our partner school in Uganda. Go to…Read More

Diversity Day

This Friday is Diversity Day at Ballard High. Both Elle and I will be hosting 40-minute classroom sessions. Diversity Day is kind of like our debut day and we're really excited! See you Friday! -Mallory

Important Information

Ballard High School has teamed up with Invisible Children to raise money for students in Africa. Our partner school is Anaka Secondary School in Uganda. Anaka needs our help. They have over 900 students enrolled and a ratio of 90 students to 1 classroom. Our…Read More

First Day

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out Ballard's Schools for Schools page. Under the extended information is a little background on what we (Elle DeBell and I) are trying to accomplish.
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