“There was no dinner,” she said. “It was me who was dinner. Me, because they kicked me roughly to the ground, and they ripped off all my clothes, and between the two of them, they held my feet. One took my left foot, one took my right, and the same with my…Read More

Situation In the eastern part of Congo

As the Tutsi General Laurent Nkunda leads an open rebellion through Congo’s Kivu region, the country is — once again — on the brink of war. In the last year alone, hundreds have been killed, thousands of women have been raped, and over a million Congolese…Read More

About me

Greetings to you all friends and family. It is a great privilege to write you this news letter after such a long time. I haven't been able to write you because after I came back from Congo I became so busy and had lots of things to take care of so I didn’t…Read More


Many rape victims are re-victimized because they are rejected by their own communities, families or husbands due to the stigma attached to rape, while the rapists enjoy impunity. Deprived of social support networks, these women are destitute and struggle for…Read More
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