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Family devastated after dog shipped from Colombia goes missing


A family who recently moved to Winnipeg from South America is distraught after their dog went missing Friday.

Talia, a golden retriever, was shipped all the way from Colombia on a 10 hour plane ride as a Christmas surprise for their 11-year-old daughter.

Lourdes Villa said the family only had a day with the dog before she went missing after it ran away from a relative's home on Glenwood Crescent.

"We decided to bring the dog to my sister's home to visit the other dogs and I guess the dog went desperate or ran way," says Villa.

She said she left the dog with her bother-in-law while the rest of the family went out for dinner.

Villa's brother-in-law, who has two dogs himself, explained that he opened the door to the backyard to let his dogs go out, and that's when Talia panicked and ran away.

Winnipeg was blasted with a wicked winter storm Saturday morning and Laurdes says she fears the worst.

"We looked for the dog until two o'clock in the morning," said Villa. "My dog is, it's a dog from Colombia it has never seen snow, it's not used to this weather, and she's used to Spanish commands, plus she just had surgery."

Villa says the dog had two lumps removed and had stitches put in before she made the trip to Winnipeg. She is a golden retriever mix, about one year old, and weighs about 30 pounds.

The dog was last seen crossing the river after running from the home on Glenwood Crescent in Elmwood on Friday night at about 9 pm.

Anyone who finds the dog is asked to contact Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert on Facebook.

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