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Light up collars shine way to better life for dogs


One Winnipeg family is trying to light the way home for family pets, and help stray dogs in the process.

They are selling LED-lit collars to help keep pets visible and safe in the dark. In return, the proceeds will be passed on to animal rescue organizations.

"It's important to support them because I think as someone once quoted, a way of truly evaluating how we are in our society is by how we as a society treat our animals," said Glenn Bailey, who started the Compassion Collars Project with his twin 12-year-old daughters, Syrah and Alyssa.

"Some [dogs] don't have homes, some are in the cold, probably starving," said Syrah, who said she's always been an animal lover and is thrilled about raising money to help stray dogs possibly find homes.

The family's first shipment of collars arrived last weekend. They are donating their first sales to Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.

Freezing temperatures make winter a critical time for local animal rescues and with thousands of dogs looking for a good home, the shelters can use any donation they can get, said Manitoba Mutts spokesperson Colleen Holloway.

"When the temperatures drop every hour can mean that a dog's life is in danger. There are lots of moms with puppies that really could not go another night [in the cold],โ€ she said.

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