Family devastated after dog shipped from Colombia goes missing

A family who recently moved to Winnipeg from South America is distraught after their dog went missing Friday. Talia, a golden retriever, was shipped all the way from Colombia on a 10 hour plane ride as a Christmas surprise for their 11-year-old daughter.…Read More

Light up collars shine way to better life for dogs

One Winnipeg family is trying to light the way home for family pets, and help stray dogs in the process. They are selling LED-lit collars to help keep pets visible and safe in the dark. In return, the proceeds will be passed on to animal rescue…Read More

Lifeboat crews rescue lost dog, swept out to sea

24 December 2013 Lifeboat crews have rescued a Labrador dog that was believed to have drowned off the Norfolk coast in eastern England, after she was swept away on Sunday morning. The dog's owner had enlisted the help of two kayakers to try to find her,…Read More

What percentage of animal abusers have other crimes on their record?

30% (17% people answered this) 50% (13% people answered this) 70% (69% people answered this) 46 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 70% ---------- To create a worldwide dog foundation, and to help the general public to become aware of…Read More

Which do you think is the most effective way to stop animal abuse and cruelty?

More news and media coverage (20% people answered this) Passing more stringent laws (60% people answered this) Boycotting stores that sell pets (0% people answered this) Stringent prosecution for existing laws (0% people answered this) Increased…Read More
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