Dog who had ears cut off

Many of you may have already read the story, and seen the viral images of the poor dog.who has his ears cut off by two Turkish thugs. I wanted to share what happemed - for those who haven't yet heard. In a…Read More

5 Dogs Found Dead, 201 Neglected Animals Seized

Animal welfare workers in Jamaica told Global News Tuesday that April Dawn Irving, wanted in connection to one of the largest animal seizures in Alberta history, is living somewhere on the island and has been for months. Irving is charged with one count of…Read More

Recent changes to the Dog Defenders

Our first campaign was for the Buddy Dog Humane Society, and we raised over $12,000. Another one of our campaigns was for the Animal Legal Defence Fund (which is personally one of my favorite non-profits) and that one raised nearly $2000.00. We are now…Read More

Missing Dog Story Has Happy Ending

Even after her dog had been gone a month, Deb Uden never gave up, and the persistence of Uden, her friends and family paid off. On Saturday, the Hamilton County woman was reunited with her dog Jax, who’d been gone for 31 days. The happy reunion took place…Read More

Dogs Rescued From South Korean Dog Meat Trade Come to Pittsburgh

NORTH SHORE (KDKA) — Nearly a dozen dogs that were supposed to be dinner in South Korea are getting a second chance at life in Pittsburgh, and they have a special team of rescuers to thank for that. They’re called the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team,…Read More

Teen accused of swinging, slamming dog at boarding facility

Brevard County sheriff's deputies arrested an 18-year-old man who they said was caught on video swinging a Shih Tzu by its leash and slamming it to the ground at a boarding facility, breaking the dog's leg. Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Joseph…Read More

Woman please NOT-GUILTY in stomach-churning animal cruelty case.

A 36-year-old Long Island woman has pleaded not guilty to a seven-count indictment charging her with aggravated animal cruelty and other crimes in a stomach-churning case that advocates say involved her children playing in the yard with a week-old dead dog…Read More
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