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10 Lazy Dog Breeds for Lazy People that Love to Cuddle


#1 - Pug
Playful and confident companions, Pugs are known for their clown-like antics and willingness to please their owners.

#2 - French Bulldog
Another clownish, friendly and willing to please breed, the French Bulldog loves snoozing and cuddling with its family. Ideal companion dogs, Frenchies were bred to be lap dogs and revel in their couch time.

#3 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
A gentle breed that makes an excellent therapy dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are both loving and adaptable. Happy to live in either the city or the country, the Cavalier is sweet, affectionate and friendly towards other pets, dogs and strangers. While Cavaliers will explore, chase and sniff outdoors and require regular walks, they are relaxed and calm in the home.

#4 - Skye Terrier
A courageous and determined terrier, Skye Terriers can be stubborn yet sensitive and are very loving towards their families. This breed is most comfortable living indoors and relaxing on the couch with you, but should be allowed outside to play daily and taken on short or moderate walks on the leash.

#5 - Shih Tzu
Bred to be a lively and playful companion, Shih Tzus are gentle, affectionate and love spending time at home with their families. A happy lapdog, Shih Tzus love to romp around the house, delight their people with their cheerful demeanor and relax on the couch at the end of the day.

#6 - Irish Wolfhound
The most relaxed dog of the hound group, according to Frei, the Irish Wolfhound is also one of the oldest dog breeds in existence.

#7 - Greyhound
Though they're intense on the racetrack, Greyhounds (particularly rescued Greyhounds) can be wonderful family dogs that are calm and relaxed at home.

#8 - Great Dane
Bred as a war dog and wild boar hunter, Great Danes are more commonly seen now as a loving and loyal companion pet. Though it is an extremely large breed, Great Danes have moderate energy levels and don't require too much exercise,

#9 - Maltese
Known as the quintessential lap dog, the Maltese is an ancient breed that became popular among English royalty during the 1800s. A playful, self-confident breed, the Maltese is among the most popular toy breeds for its affectionate and gentle demeanor.

#10 - Bulldog
A wonderful, happy family dog that loves being with its people, the Bulldog may have originated for the purpose of bull baiting in England but now enjoys its status as a popular companion dog.


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