Can Anyone Help?!

Hey Everyone! Happy New Years! Well lots going on with the efforts here right now and right now we're starting up a Canadian Non Profit Organization to help out Maison Imm. We are in Need of a Graphic Designer who may be able to help us with our…Read More

Une Nuit Dans la Congo - A Night in the Congo

What we did in Vancouver Jan 10th! Hey everyone! This was our special evening for the Maison Immaculée right in the heart of Vancouver! We shared food, drinks, music with Ezra Kwizera, photos by Kyle Feenstra from www.kapphotography. We had a great tour…Read More

Big News!

We've arrived back in Goma and now..... were getting filmed! Thats right a group from New York City is filming the Maison Immaculeé for an international audience! Come along and see!

Blog Updated!

Nyungwe forest, Butare, Kigali and more! come along and check it out! Mike Kyle Katie and Innocent

East-side Impressions

Hello all! blog update: just finished a 5-egg omlette and going to hit the road! Many big hills to climb and great views to see and people to meet along the way! Tonight we sleep in the jungle in a tent (hope the…Read More

Blog Update!

Hi all! We're finishing the final details before hitting the road and high-tailing it out of Goma today. Check out our latest blog update at to see the recent and exciting goings-on...and then keep on checking it out as we'll be…Read More

Leaving soon!

Man i wish you could have been here for the tour kick-off party... it was absolutely amazing. The kids from Maison immaculee, they can dance! we had also a traditional dance group there and wow they could dance to the Conga drums. The Kids from Maison…Read More
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