Providing education, opportunites, and basic needs to youth in Ghana

During my semester abroad in Ghana, I helped start a youth program (reading and writing in the mornings, drumming and dancing in the afternoons) in Kissehman with a young man named Ishmael. He continued what we started, and it evolved into Maine-Ghana Youth. (www.maineghanayouth.org).

I'm here with the kids now, and it's inspiring to see how healthy, intelligent, and confident they've become. They are the future leaders of their families, their community, and their nation.

The time has come for me to move to the next chapter of my life-- I'll be coming back to Maine and then likely moving to New York to pursue music and other dreams. As I take this step, I'd like to leave a strong financial foundation, and walk away confident that our programs will continue well into the future. Please help if you're able, and pass along to friends...

NOTE: Don't be alarmed when you see "Children, Families, and Communities" as the beneficiary. They are our fiscal sponsor, meaning they are a registered 501c3 organization accepting donations on our behalf. Every month the donations are deposited into the Maine-Ghana Youth account.

1. Children should have their basic needs met.

2. Chldren should have access to empowering opportunities and resources.

3. Literacy, music, arts, sports, healthy meals and snacks, cross-cultural exchange