To improve lives through education

CEO 4 Teens is a non profit organization that was co-founded by Brooks Dyroff and Kenny Haisfield in 2007. During our first year, we raised $12,000. With these funds, we gave 10 third-world country teenagers a chance to continue their education past high school at Campuhan College, which offers a one-year English and computer skills program. We also created a microfinance loan program to allow the future graduates a chance to borrow money to start their own business or expand an existing one. In addition, we set up a student loan program, which allows other third-world country teenagers an opportunity to continue their education. The first year was great, but there are still so many teenagers out there in the world being held back by financial difficulties. Let's help give those less fortunate than us a chance to make their dreams come true.

1. Teenagers should not be held back by financial difficulties.

2. If a teenager has the desire and will, but not the $, let's give them a chance

3. To show other teenagers, that they too can make a difference in others lives if they put their mind to it