Save the world from bad producers, people with bad taste in music, and radio stations that play bad music because it's "popular."


There is an epidemic in the world of music. People are listening to the same music on the radio. Even when a new song comes out... it sounds the same!

this needs to change.
There are incredibly talented local bands that deserve your recognition.

Some of these bands are:
Fools and Horses
The Pale Stars
The Cheaters
Yesterday's news
and thats only naming a few!

Help by listening to a local radio station, if you live in Baltimore you can listen to 89.7 WTMD. They play a wide variety of music, and all of it is unknown or little known artists.

1. People must recognize the talents of Local Bands!

2. Listen to a local band you have not heard of before. Chances are they are pretty good!

3. Spread the word!