to raise awareness

Huntington's disease (HD), known historically as Huntington's chorea and chorea maior, is a rare genetic neurological disorder inherited by approximately one person per 10,000 people of Western European descent, varying geographically, down to one per 1,000,000 of Asian and African descent. The name is derived from the physician George Huntington who described it precisely in 1872. The disorder has been heavily researched in the last few decades and it was one of the first inherited genetic disorders for which an accurate test could be performed.

Huntington's disease itself is not a terminal illness, but complications caused by it reduce life expectancy.

Huntington's disease's most obvious symptoms are abnormal body movements called chorea and a lack of coordination, but it also affects a number of mental abilities and some aspects of behavior. Physical symptoms occur in a large range of ages around a mean occurrence of late forties/early fifties. If the age of onset is below 20 years then it is known as Juvenile HD. As there is currently no proven cure, symptoms are managed with various medications and supportive services.

1. i believe that everyone should know about this very unfortunate diease that destroys lives as i have myself experienced the pain it causes.

2. awareness is giving life

3. http://www.hda.org.uk/