Jack Johnson & Student Peace Alliance

Hello Everyone! I am writing you guys to raise awareness of the tabling opportunity at Jack Johnson shows for the Student Peace Alliance to create a photo petition to send to representatives and senators in DC. I am working on the tabling event at the…Read More

New Mexico Peacemakers!

Hi... If there are any New Mexico Peacemakers on here, please join the NEW MEXICO PEACE ALLIANCE Facebook group, so that we can organize locally. For everyone else, create a local or state Peace Alliance group to help with organizing. Peace to you all, Asa

Peace For Profit

n talking to a friend last night about the Peace Alliance, she said one of the biggest obstacles against having a Dept. of Peace, was that there was no profit in peace as there is in war. I found that to be very disturbing and, yet, at the same time, very…Read More

No Money Necessary

More than anything, this campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence needs voices and activists. Start a group locally or in your state or region and network and bring more into the fold so that we can make this cabinet level department a…Read More
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