promote modesty for all (both) genders :)

so...nowadays people think that "if you've got it, flaunt it," which seems like an acceptable motto to live by, right? wrong! what your body is gifted with is not meant for others to look at and lust over. this is not strictly a christian group, but as christians, we are instructed to set an example in the way we live, dress, and talk. basically, your body is YOURS and it's not okay for other people to get to see a part of it and let their minds run away with it. being modest protects your body and heart as it keeps you safe from negative or sexual thoughts from other people. it's not easy, but man does it make a difference. it makes it easier for others not to stumble as well! so try it! :) you'll feel more beautiful on the inside knowing people aren't accepting you for your body or what you look like. if you choose to be modest, be ready to accept some criticism for it. but know that it's not just you! other people are trying to promote the same thing you are. :)

1. the importance of modesty can't be forgotten!