to close the military dention facility at Guantanamo Bay Cubaand return the detainees home or to legal detention facilities in the United States...

As you probably know Guantanamo Bay is a Military Detention facility in Cuba. It is deliberatly so located to escape the legal and constitutional rights afforded to citizens on held in prisons on American soil. For Six long years now it has detained hundreds of foreign nationals on suspicion of being involved in terrorist activity. Many have detainees have already fallen to their deaths at Guantanamo includin taking their own lives. Others are still being held there wihout charge with little prospect of release in the foreseable future.
Hundreds were released without charge.
Many were rounded up by bounty hunters for the CIA in Pakistan and Afghanistan with little or flimsy at best evidence that they were involvd interrorst activity. Hundreds are still being held without charge; In limbo not knowing how long until they are free again.

I/WE call on the US Administration to close GITMO without delay...

1. close guantanamo

2. give prisoners human and legal rights

3. ensure prisons are treated according to U.S. & international Law