What does bullying do to the victim?

Make them happy (6% people answered this) Make them depressed (93% people answered this) Heal their wounds (0% people answered this) Put them on a diet (0% people answered this) Make them know everythng (0% people answered this) 16 people answered.…Read More

Bullying should be...

against the law (100% people answered this) ignored and continuing (0% people answered this) made worse (0% people answered this) 5 people voted. Everyone unite and put a stop to this epidemic! Bullying is a crisis that should be against the law! Do…Read More

Share Your Eye

Have you been bullied? Got something to say about it? Well share your story here!

Want To Help More?

Help us get noticed more by joining our blog banthebullies.wordpress.com Tell friends and tell them to pass it on, spread the word everywhere! Get people to see these things, really catch their attention! P.S. does anyone know how to make an add like on…Read More


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And They Just Keep Coming...

To make this community heard, spread the word! Invite you friends and family! Tell them to ask theirs and so on. C'mon, if we wanna make a difference, we gotta get heard!

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