Touching Lives, Saving Souls

"This is a great cause. We all waste our money on pretty much everything without value. This is for our LORD. Can you imagine how many lives this church will touch? How many souls they will save? Brothers and sisters, this is our chance to be part of…Read More

We need at least 5000 members by the end of this month. Please invite your friends to join this cause!

Help us find the chosen few who are willing to be used by God in building His house here in Villasis. People who will say "Count me in. For God's glory and honor, let us start building!" One of your friends might be one of those chosen few. UPDATE #1 We have…Read More

Trivia: What is the historical significance of Villasis?

The first convention of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines was held in San Nicolas, Villasis, Pangasinan on March 21-27, 1940. It was here in our place that our beloved denomination was formally organized.

Help us raise the fund we need for the first phase of our church building project!

Can we raise $75,000 for the first phase of our Church Building Project in just 4 months? Most of the billions of people in this planet will probably say: Answer #1: Are you crazy? That's impossible! Answer #2: Wake up dude. You're dreaming. Answer #3: Did…Read More
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