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Recruiting Additional members to Sign Pledge


Guys, We had 25 of our members sign the pledge for equal opportunity beds so that Drug Court Diversion Programmes can be established for addicts in South Africa. Given that RSA has twice the National, international average of Addicts here in RSA, we really feel that we need your and others'support more than ever. Please check out the petition on the A.C.T. Addiction Can be Treated! Causes pages and sign it, then get your mates to sign too, so we can really make a difference and get the State and others to ACT. Please Guys, so many lives will be lost through Substance Abuse in this, what should be 'Festive Season' for all to many it is a 'silly season' - and one of your non-sober mates could be the next fatality, so lets get these signitures up. Tanks so much to all whom have already signed! And thanks to to those of you who will in the interests of keeping this time a safe one! X Sean ;-)

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