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Actions required from Central Drug Authority presentation by myself of Act of Grace regarding the 2012-2016 and recruiting additional members for reasons which follow

Hi all. I realised you have all recently been requested to pledge the support of Five more members to this cause, well I was in Tswane yesterday and presented to the CDA. As a result we are wanting to run a poll next with your assistance but although our current membership rests at 100 people we need loads more. I have alreay reached my 5 members recruited but I began thinking, why not invite all your mates. This Substance Abuse issue has reached pandemic proportions and we need numbers to answer polls and to petition government to force and legislate certain issues succh as equal opportunity rehabs in Drug Hot Spots as well as introduce Drug Diversion Courts and programmes which benefit society at large so I'm gonna try another request as we only had 15 respondents to my previous request. Please send a recruiting invirte or the Plledge of this week to ALL your Facebook mates as we are needing desperately to buff up numers to reach our objectives of a drug free society. Whether or not you currently take drugs recreationally, or not; an addict or one in recovery; these petitions and polls we intend making will be mainly to secure the lives of Addicts and Society at large as an addic affects upwards of 30 people negatively in mid term addiction and more wen in long term addiction so it REALLY is a societal issue and HUMANITARIAN cause wether you have some, none, or plenty of interests in Drugs, we need your and your mates help; so please people do not ignore this request to recruit more members. So much came out of the CDA meeting yesterday and we will keep you updated through the cause and in detail on our website: We can do better than 15 respondents to our call for people to pledge to get their mates to Join ACT - Addiction Can be Treated. Please ACT NOW!

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