Addiction is a disease, and has been accorded such status since 1956 when the US, American Medical Association, concluded that addiction met the five criteria ascribed to the definition of a disease. It is Primary. i.e. the main problem in the life of such a person,; it is Progressive i.e. it gets worse over time; It is symptomatic i.e. it has symptoms, which vary according to the typre of addiction which could be substance or process, Behavioural in nature; It is Terminal i.e. if left, the addict will eventually die from the disease, but it is also Treatable, i.e. there are forms and methods of treating addiction to ideally achieve total abstinence at best or at worst to effect Harm Reduction, to occur. As such it should be afforded the treatment and viewed with the sympathy, compassion and empathy that any other disease is afforded, Again, unfortunately, due to the sinister nature of its symptoms, many are loathe to ascribe the behaviour of an addict to a disease. They believe that it is self inflicted...verbatim from a meeting with the management and from the mouth of the medical manager of the local hospital, and it is treated crimanaly which if anything serves to further the addiction as the jails are rife with substances. It is to this end that we have opened Place of Grace (Psalm 145) Addiction Recovery Centre which is a treatment centre for addicts. However it is run volentarily and receives no State assistance. To this end we hope and strive to achieve in this the South Durban Basin situated in the South of our Province of KwaZulu-Natal, on the South East coust of Africa. This area contributes 10% to the national GDP, yet is among the poorest population in the country, located therein is an area called Wentworth which has HIV rates of a staggering 88% ascibed to it locally and as high as 93%-95% by international experts who have studied this area, it is ensconced in enormous poverty and lack and addiction and therefore, gangsterism and crime is rife in this and the surrounding areas. It is also know for the vast amount of Drug and Human trafficking which is commonplace, and unfortunately above the law. Recently a druglord who normally pays the local police off when they drive by his spot, was found in possession of R100 000 worth of Crack-cocain, and that is a mass of the stuff, and did not even go to court but was forced to pay a fine of R5000 as the law are so fightened of Him and his peers. Whilst unfortunately the poor addicts who survive though theft, prostitutiion and the like only receive bail, if they pay R1500, per R20 'straw' they are found in possession of and we question: Where is the Justice. Those who are addicted have a disease. WE NOW CALL ON MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC TO DONATE $20 TO THE AQUISITION AND RE-BUILDING OF AN ADDICTION RECOVERY CENTE AND OUR GOAL IS $300 000 IN THIRTY WEEKS, THAT LESS 1 CUPPA COFFEE PER WEEK FOR 8 MONTHS. PLEASE HELP US REALISE OUR GOAL. AND ITS TAX DEDUCTABLE! OUR DETAILS ARE AS FOLLOWS, ACT OF GRACE 145, Reg No.: (2011/002204/08), Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, Account No.: 06 317 589 4, Branch code 3326, Bluff, Business Current Account. Ref: Place of Grace or ARC. We are a Non Profit Company registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act. (2011/002204/08. YOUR DONATION OF $20 or more would be sincerely appreciated. Sean Palframan CEO Act of Grace (all contact details and info on FaceBook and Linked In. [email protected]