This evil cannot be hidden anymore, it needs to be spread far and wide for people to see. Wildlife have no protection from this madness. This is legalized animal torture and should be banned.

Trapped animals are terrified and subjected to the elements, predator attacks, tremendous physical pain and extreme emotional distress. They suffer from dehydration, can't return to feed their young, and often end up shot, bludgeoned, strangled, skinned or attacked by hunting dogs.

Many times they become so desperate to escape the torturous trap that they actually chew off their own paws, only to later die of a gangrenous infection. Thousands of non-targeted wildlife as well as domestic animals like dogs and cats are often injured or die in traps every year.

What does this say about us as a culture? Can we sit silently by while these animals are brutally killed? Most civilized countries around the world have already banned trapping. It's time for the United States of America to adopt a no-trapping policy.

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